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Joseph Naytowhow – The Storyteller

Ignite The Life Youth Suicide Prevention Rally –Thursday 2nd 2017 –  10.15am -11.00am

The Story Of Fire : Joseph Naytowhow

Joseph Naytowhow is a gifted Plains/Woodland Cree singer/songwriter and storyteller from Sturgeon Lake First Nations. Joseph is a recipient of the 2006 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award’s Keeper of the Tradition Award and the 2005 Commemorative Medal for Saskatchewan’s Centennial.  He was influenced by his grandfather’s traditional and ceremonial chants as well as the fiddle and guitar. Joseph’s compassion and generosity in sharing cultural knowledge makes him a much sought after speaker, performer and educator for children and adults.  

“Across the globe people from every background and walk of life are realizing that Mother Earth and her beings are in grave danger. Without a healthy Earth Mother we will not have our basic needs met: nutritious food, fresh water, safe shelter. We must fulfill these basic needs before we can be creative, innovative, economically viable, and to be of service to others. I teach people to respect the old ways while embracing congruent contemporary ones. I encourage young and old to nurture the very best inside themselves and to build bridges rather than focus on differences.”

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