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Create Your Own Future – a break out session by Praxis School of Entrepreneurship

Ignite The Life – Break out session Friday 3rd 2017 – 1.30pm -2.30pm


Create Your Own Future –  Praxis School of Entrepreneurship

Since 1991 Praxis School of Entrepreneurship has helped over 800 entrepreneurs launch their companies across Saskatchewan and Alberta. Their hands on, entrepreneurs teaching entrepreneurs approach means that learning is practical and applied, and helps the entrepreneur design and create the futures that they want to see.

Being creative, coming up with ideas and designing a business based on those ideas is all part of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs dream big, they think about how to make their community a better place and they are able to get others to help them make a difference.  Ryan and Devon will share their stories of entrepreneurship and Brent will help you figure out the path to entrepreneurship.

Brent Kreuger

Brent Kreuger

Brent Kreuger- Praxis School Of Entrepreneurship

Brent never fit the traditional schooling system – he learned better by doing and asking questions – he never took notes which made his teachers believe he was lazy.  They even made him take grade 5 three times in the same year.  It wasn’t until he discovered the power of entrepreneurship that he saw the positive impact he could have in the world.  He went on to found the Praxis International Institute which focuses on non traditional learning at the high school level.  He also helps run Praxis School of Entrepreneurship, a company founded by his wife, Monica, and whose mission is to foster and support entrepreneurs wherever they are found..

Ryan Yellowquill -Yellowford Welding Services

Ryan Yellowquill

Ryan decided that running his own business was the best option for him to create employment for himself and others in his community.  He felt unappreciated working for someone else and wanted to feel challenged and always be learning something new. He is launching Yellowford Welding Services in Archerwill.

Devon Fiddler

Devon Fiddler – SheNative

Devon Fiddler launched SheNative with the intention of empowering Indigenous women and girls.  She always dreamed of being a designer and after being inspired by other Indigenous entrepreneurs, she did her research, took Praxis training, built a group of mentors and started her own company.


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