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Advocate for Children and Youth report on Youth Suicide Crisis in Northern Saskatchewan

The 2017 Ignite the Life Rally started a conversation …. we listened. We also helped save precious  lives….that is fact. We are very, very thrilled and excited that the The Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth team were sponsors and in attendance at the rally in Feb 2017, and that they LISTENED! They were inspired to […]

Ignite The Life Media release Nov 29th 2016

YOUTH SUICIDE PREVENTION RALLY HOPES TO IGNITE A LIFE MOVEMENT IN SASKATCHEWAN. Ignite the Life sparking peer-to-peer life ambassadors Saskatchewan, Saskatoon: Three women from the Saskatoon area respond to the emergency situation of youth suicides and attempts in Northern Saskatchewan with a two-day youth suicide prevention rally at the Saskatoon Inn on February 2nd and 3rd […]

Suicide Prevention – by Treena Wynes

If you have put in even as little as five to ten minutes research on suicide you would see the rates are astonishing.  Some countries have more suicides than others.  There are also certain groups or categories of people who, due to their histories, support systems and socio-environmental factors, are at a higher risk for […]