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About Ignite The Life

2017 Ignite The Life Rally, Saskatoon.



Suicide affects us all. No part of our society is immune.

photo-2016-11-16-11-23-47-pmIn 2016 it became clear that the youth in Northern Saskatchewan are in crisis. As a community and a province we must step up to offer support, resources and to listen. The Ignite the Life Youth Rally will take place in Saskatoon on Feb 2-3, 2017. This 2 day interactive rally will be free to attend for at risk youth in Saskatchewan.

In Canada, suicide accounts for 24 percent of all deaths among 15-24 year olds. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Canadians between the ages of 10 and 24. Suicide is a leading cause of youth injury death, and suicide attempts are a leading cause of youth injury hospitalization in Northern Saskatchewan.  There are many complex factors associated with suicide and attempted suicide. The barriers to prevention are real.

Shame – Pain – Abuse – Addictions – Loneliness – Sexuality


Ignite The Life Mission

To nurture compassion, bring wellness and offer real support to our youth in Northern Saskatchewan communities by means of an interactive youth focused rally.

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Meet the Ignite team

Sara, Treena & Leanne


Our talented and committed event team came to together organically. Each of us brought with us a will, a purpose and others to the table. Together we knew we had the right mix of skills, networks and determination to do something meaningful to help our youth who are struggling all across Saskatchewan.

Treena Wynes

Treena Wynes

Treena Wynes is a Registered Social Worker currently working as the Executive Director for Agency Chiefs Child & Family Services.  She has worked with at-risk youth for over 15 years.  Due to her passion for helping youth she wrote and published, Am I The Only One? Struggling Being A Teen, which won her two international book awards.  Being a First Nations person and growing up in Northern Saskatchewan she felt personally connected to the multiple youth suicides that have occurred in her home community.  Compelled to do something she reached out to others hoping to build a collaborative effort towards reducing the number of youth suicides in Saskatchewan through a youth conference.

” Faith is seeing light with your heart, when all your eye see is darkness. Our emotional health is the most neglected aspect of our being.  When we don’t give it adequate care and nurturing, we operate at a deficit, feeling and contributing less than our best.  We treat ourselves poorly (and possibly those close to us, too).”  Treena

Leanne Falkowsky-Mazza

leanne-falkowskyLeanne Falkowsky-Mazza is a first year Social Work Student at First Nations University of Canada.  For the past nine years, Leanne has been the owner and operator of The Urban Wall Interiors. She has lent her hand to, and orchestrated many community fund raising projects, and been involved in many community building initiatives. Being passionate about community building and the empowerment of women and youth, has driven her to want to do more.  Having kids of her own and understanding the systemic social issues that affect our youth today, she hopes to be a part of creating a new platform of social consciousness and awareness that  brings hope and a sense of purpose and empowerment to our struggling youth.

“We cannot stand on the sidelines and watch while our children suffer in silence.  The pain of our children is our call to action.  We are all responsible for the state of our communities, the health of our children. Acknowledging your responsibility is the beginnings of real change.” Leanne


Sara Wheelwright

Sara wheelwright

Sara is a multi award winning marketing maverick, entrepreneur, public speaker & an award winning community supporter. An immigrant from the UK, she moved to Saskatchewan in 2006 and is proud to be a Saskatchewanian. Sara is owner of S&E Trusted Online Directories Inc, including Trusted Marketing Services a full serve Saskatchewan  agency and and online directory company that owns –Trustedsaskatoon.com.  There is nothing that satisfies her more than promoting and helping local reputable businesses succeed and achieve their marketing & business goals. She is committed to giving back to the Saskatchewan community and regularly donates her time and marketing services to local charities and non profits. As a big believer in women supporting women, she was on the founding board of The Princess Shop, is an active member of the event committee of The Little Red Dress Club and steps up where she can to help women and girls succeed.

“YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! When it seems clear that your goals cannot be reached and it’s time to give in, don’t adjust the goals, don’t give up, just seek help and support…a different perspective may be all you need.” Sara



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